Reid McDonald

Anita McDonald

Scott Dyer

Pharmacy Technician

Kristine Evans

Pharmacy Student

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4th Year Pharmacy Student
University of Alberta
Oct-Dec 2022 and Jan-Feb 2023

Super knowledgable! The most knowledgable pharmacists I've ever met. They won't sell you something they don't need, They can prescribe and their location has wonderful private rooms for vaccinations, injections etc. Too bad more pharmacies aren't like this!


I cannot describe how amazing this place is. I found it yesterday on Google after being very frustrated with the so called walk-in clinics in this town. The staff here went above and beyond. They were fast, informative and understanding. We are lucky to have this amazing pharmacy in town.


We are fortunate to have access to the services provided by Sunset Pharmacy. Sunset Pharmacy personnel are outstanding.
For example, my wife received a followup call the other day concerning a new drug she was taking. Recently an arrangement was made for a private consultation with Reid, who is a pharmacist anda pharmacologist, to discuss the pharmaceutical regimes that both my wife and I were on. I happened to mention a health-related situation that was of concern. Reid immediately identified what he thought might be the issue and a drug that might alleviate the problem. He subsequently consulted with the family physician who agreed with Reid’s suggestion. I am on the drug and my symptoms are gone. Reid is truly a competent clinician.