Advanced pharmacy practice

Exceptional patient care

Our pharmacists have the training and expertise to assist with renewals of existing medications or initiating new medication without the need of prescription from your physician

All pharmacist renewals and initial prescribing events are made on a case-by-case basis as every patient is unique and every situation is different. We request that you see us in store or call the pharmacy to find out if our pharmacists will be able to assist. 

Examples of prescribing and management that our pharmacists can do are: 

Blood pressure monitoring, medication extensions and medication changes

Diabetic testing, reviewing lab results and adjustment of medications

Urinary tract infection treatment (for women >18 years of age) 

Assessment of coughs, viral symptoms and Strep Throat testing onsite 

Mild/moderate rash assessment and treatment 

Acne assessment and treatment plans 

Asthma and COPD Action Plan development 

Call or see us in store to find out if we can help!