Your Pharmacy Team

Reid McDonald

BSc in Pharmacy
MSc in Pharmacology
Additional Prescribing Authority
Injection Certified
Member of Hypertension Canada
Practice Interests: Hypertension, Cardiovascular care, Infectious Disease

Anita McDonald

BSc in Biology
BSc in Pharmacy
Additional Prescribing Authority
Injection Certified
Certified Diabetes Educator and Member of Diabetes Canada
Compression Stocking Fitter
Practice Interests: Diabetes, Dermatology, Mental Health

Kristine Evans

Registered Pharmacy Technician
BSc in Geophysics
PharmTech Diploma
Registered Pharmacy Technician
Compression Stocking Fitter

Alberta College of Pharmacy regulates both Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians.
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Super knowledgable! The most knowledgable pharmacists I've ever met. They won't sell you something they don't need, They can prescribe and their location has wonderful private rooms for vaccinations, injections etc. Too bad more pharmacies aren't like this!


I cannot describe how amazing this place is. I found it yesterday on Google after being very frustrated with the so called walk-in clinics in this town. The staff here went above and beyond. They were fast, informative and understanding. We are lucky to have this amazing pharmacy in town.